1. Waiting period to pay all bills at the counter is capped to ten (10) minutes for peak periods and three (3) minutes for off peak hours

  2. Payment to Council suppliers and contractors will be processed and the corresponding cheques will be issued within 14 days from the date an invoice is received from the Department for Payment.

  3. Preparation for Annual Accounts completed by the following April.

  4. Process all allowance payments etc. within 7 days from the date a claim is filed.

  5. Prepare estimated Annual Budget every six (6) months, each June

  6. Check the collection of Council Rental Payments once a month to facilitate estimation of Monthly Budget.

  7. Check the collection of arrears in Council Rental Payments once a month.

  8. Receive payments and issue an official receipt of acceptance within 2 minutes for each transaction.

  9. Register each rental/deposit payment within 3 minutes for each transaction.

  10. Prepare Daily Collection Payments once a day.